Stream it or skip it: ’10 Days of a Bad Man’ on Netflix, Two Turkish Mysteries Without Joy

10 Whole Days of a Bad Man? In this economy? If Turkish crime antics are your thing then Netflix is ​​for you. After release 10 days of a good man They will be back at the beginning of 2023 10 Days of a Bad Man. Same man, different behavior.

The essentials: previously on 10 days of a ___ man… We meet Sadik (Nejat İşler), an aspiring rubber shoe modeled on Phillip Marlowe. Elliott Gould's version of The long goodbye, that is. (People around him like to compare him to Columbo.)

But the difference too 10 days of a good man To 10 Days of a Bad Man becomes quickly apparent just hearing a musical cue. Spaghetti western style music suggests we are now dealing with a darker version of Sadik, dwelling more in the dark depths of his own soul. He's on a mission to repay his debts to a shady Turkish gangster operator. To this end, he takes a job as a private investigator to solve a murder in a mansion. This brings him into contact with a variety of shady characters, all of whom try to confuse him in order to disguise their own involvement and further their own goals.

What movies will it remind you of?: 10 Days of a Bad Man spanning the polarities of Daniel Craig's two detective films, The girl with the dragon tattoo And knife out. If that sounds confusing to you…yes.

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Notable performance: Nejat İşler's Sadik at least holds the film together, which is significant.

Memorable dialogue: “Now I ask you: Is the act or the reason what matters?” says one character, whose name is omitted because this line, which summarizes the film's themes, is made during the solving of the case. “Justice? Good? Devilish? They're all controversial.”

gender and skin: Some steamy foreplay towards the end but it remains fully clothed.

Our opinion: “It's a genre error to think that the detective is the main character,” Rian Johnson remarked during the promotion glass onion. “You have to think of him as a detective, not the main character. The story has to work in terms of the suspects, the murder and the victim.” 10 Days of a Bad Man makes the mistake. The film wants to be both a character study of Sadik and get him to examine all of the other characters. It's too much even if spread over multiple installments. This series fails to make its main character interesting enough to justify diverting focus from the intrigue, which is actually nothing more than pot-boiler stuff.

Our appeal: SKIP IT. If you're determined to unravel a cinematic Rubik's Cube, then maybe give in 10 Days of a Bad Man a vortex. But this isn't a sequel detective story worth your investment. At least not when there are 16 full seasons columbo out there for you

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