The mother of the head of the Spanish federation Luis Rubiales goes on a hunger strike until Hermoso “tells the truth” when kissing.

Luis Rubiales' elderly mother locked herself in a church and went on a hunger strike because of the “inhumane witch hunt” against her football boss.

The wild act came as Spanish prosecutors announced they would open a preliminary investigation into Rubiales' actions at the World Cup final when he kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

In a statement Monday in Madrid, Spain's national court said that “the prosecutors of the national court have opened a preliminary investigation to investigate facts that could constitute a criminal offense of sexual assault.”

The Spanish soccer coach has claimed the kiss after the end of the World Cup final between Spain and England in Sydney just over a week ago was “amicable” – but the player insists she never agreed to a kiss on the lips.

Rubiales resists calls to resign from office.

‘Say the truth'

Despite Hermoso's insistence that she didn't consent to the kiss, Rubiales' mother Angeles Bejar urged Hermoso to tell the “truth” about the incident that led to her son's provisional suspension by FIFA on Friday, a report reported The sun.

The retired hairdresser is leading her protest outside the Divina Pastora church in the Andalusian coastal town of Motril, east of Malaga, where the suspended Spanish Football Federation president grew up.

She began her hunger strike this morning, accompanied by a 48-year-old sister, hours after her son left for Motril on holiday.

Ms Angeles, whose husband is a former Motril mayor, says she will continue her radical action until “justice” is given to her father of three.

Spanish left-wing politicians, who branded the incident “sexual violence” when footage of the kiss first surfaced, are now joined by mainstream commentators in condemning the incident.

The England women's football team and male players like Andres Iniesta have also criticized Rubiales, who was expected to step down on Friday, before saying he would resist attempts to oust him.

Rubiales' parents described their son's treatment as an “inhuman and bloody witch hunt”.

She told the Spanish press: “You are doing something to my son that he doesn't deserve.”

She repeated the version of events her son gave in his public defense of his actions, adding: “There was no sexual aggression because both parties agreed.”

“My son is incapable of harming anyone. As a mother, I ask for everyone's understanding as this is a situation that can affect anyone.”

The pensioner and her sister are said to have entered the church after the priest left this morning.

family “suffers”

Spanish TV presenter Patricia Pardo called the latest development in the Kissgate saga “surreal”.

Luis Rubiales' cousin, Vanesa Ruiz Bejar, addressed the church on behalf of her family.

“There is a campaign of harassment going on that is very unfair,” she said.

“Luis' mother, a very religious person, took refuge in God and went on a hunger strike.

“She doesn't want to leave the church. “We all suffer a lot from what happened to Luis, which doesn't seem fair to us at all,” she said.

“He has already been convicted without a trial. It is not normal. We want to be left alone. “The facts speak for them, there are videos, there are audio recordings.”

In a direct message to World Champion Hermoso, she added: “Jenni, tell the truth.”

“Why did she change her version three times? We suffered a lot, we had to leave our homes because of the harassment we are subjected to.

“We want to be left alone and see justice served, and we want this woman to speak the truth. Jenni, tell the truth!

She said Ms Bejar was in a very distressed condition, adding: “She is an elderly lady whose health is very fragile and who is suffering a lot.”

“She keeps crying, can't sleep and won't eat.

“Whoever spends five minutes with Luis knows that he is a really good person with a big heart. He is a very noble man.”

When asked when Ms Bejar's hunger strike would resume, she said, referring to Hermoso, “Until this woman speaks up and tells the truth.” I'm not saying who's the bad guy and who's the good guy, but I just want that Jenni is telling the truth.”

She insisted she had no idea where Rubiales was and if he could have spoken to him

According to local reports, two priests were with the women in the church. No one from the parish could initially be reached for comment.

police involved

Later the police showed up at the church in Motril. Officers arrived when a cousin of Ms Bejar entered the church with a doctor just before 2pm local time.

Uniformed officers from the Spanish National Police stood outside the door of the church, which remained closed while the relative and paramedic stayed inside.

It was not immediately clear why the police had shown up, although there was no immediate indication that they would attempt to forcibly remove Luis Rubiales' mother.

Internet memes showing footage of a woman ordering a huge breakfast from a cafe before going on a hunger strike have already surfaced online in Spain.

This story appeared in The sun and is reproduced with permission.

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