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What you can watch today on TV, Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime and Disney+: The Evolution of Grime Music, Chris Pine in Dungeons & Dragons and Untold: Swamp Kings

Storyville BBC4, 10pm A look at the complex history of grime, a musical style that emerged on London's council estates in the early 2000s and blended elements of jungle, dance hall and hip-hop into something new and uniquely dark.​


Champions League Live RTÉ2, 7:45 p.m Broadcasting one of the Champions League play-off first legs live tonight, with Antwerp, Rangers, PSV Eindhoven and Sparta Prague among the teams hoping to advance to the tournament proper.​

Raj Somaiya

Ultimate Wedding Planner BBC2, 9pm As judges Sara Davies, Raj Somaiya and Fred Sirieix look on with growing concern, tempers heat up among the contestants as they battle to pull off the perfect garden party for a millionaire.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Sky Cinema Premiere, 8 p.m Entertaining saga based on the RPG and starring Chris Pine as Elgin, a medieval bard who turns to crime after the tragic death of his wife and comes into conflict with the scheming Lord of Neverwinter. With Hugh Grant.

Untold: Swamp Kings

Untold: Swamp Kings Netflix, streaming now ​Netflix is ​​one month long Untold The extravaganza concludes this week with the lesser-known story of Urban Meyer. Much like the GAA in that country, amateur sports are also commonplace in the United States, particularly college football in Florida. Look no further than the wild days of the Florida Gators between 2005 and 2010. After a fantastic winning streak in the 1990s under coach Steve Spurrier, the University of Florida's luck ran out in 2005. That's where Urban Meyer came in, the Gators' new head coach, whose cheeky style led to a string of amazing victories. Unfortunately, the unrelenting drama simmered beyond the dressing room. Through the usual barrage of exploratory interviews coupled with archival footage, we find out how Meyer and the legends he coached (Brandon Siler, Tim Tebow, Brandon Spikes…) catapulted the Florida Gators to double BCS National Championship winners.

A Life Too Short: The Case of Isabella Nardoni Netflix, streaming now In 2008, a case brought Brazil to a standstill. A five-year-old girl was thrown through the window of her father and stepmother's apartment in São Paulo. There are hardly any details between the crime and the conviction. For the first time, this is a study of the crime that shocked a nation, through the eyes of Isabella's mother and grandparents, as well as defense attorneys, journalists and pundits.

Unique Marcie

Unique Marcie AppleTV+, stream now We all know Marcie – the stillness of Snoopy with the glasses. She always calls her best friend “sir”. For the first time, Marcie got a special of her own from AppleTV, and of course it's a special to honor those around me who are introverts.​

mask girl

mask girl Netflix, streaming now Kim Mo-Mi is a “normal office worker” during the day who is unsure of her appearance. At night, she's a live streamer, masking her face as she gets caught up in a murder spree. In true K-Drama style, expect gore, high camp and dark humor.​


billion Paramount+, streaming now Yes, it's still going – seven seasons later. However, this is reportedly the last series Paul Giamatti is releasing to bring us the Sideways sequel. Or portray Jack Smith in the inevitable dramatization of Trump's impeachments.

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