A Tory MP has said she doesn’t want primary school children given sex education “to protect their innocence”.

On Monday afternoon, backbencher Andrea Jenkyns – education secretary under Boris Johnson and Liz Truss – said she did not want young children to “fully learn about sex”.

The discussion began with teaching content about LGBTQ+ subjects in relationship education — but Jenkyns briefly attempted to broaden the discussion to broader conservation about sex.

She said: “As a mother of a primary school child, I don’t want him or other children, whether straight or gay, to learn everything about sex.”

“I also don’t want young children to be taught how to change gender in primary school.

“I have no problem with whatever people want to do when they get older – life is short; Be happy – but does my dear friend agree that we need to protect the innocence of children and their childhood, especially at primary school age?”

It is worth noting that other Westminster Hall MPs who were with her did not talk about sex education in general.

And as fellow Conservative MP Elliot Colburn explained: “Primary schools are not required to teach sex education or teach explicitly about LGBT+ issues; it’s more about families and relationships.

“Parents also have the right to withdraw their child from sex education [relationships and sex education] until the age of 16.”

As you can imagine, Jenkyns’ comments went viral among critics on social media — especially after she shared a clip that was viewed more than two million times in less than 24 hours.

Many people pointed out that it is important for children to understand the basics and how consent works.

Others noted that some children hit puberty before high school and therefore need to learn about their bodies beforehand.

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