The elusive artist Banksy has unveiled a new mural in London that many see as a message about environmental protection.

Located in Finsbury Park, north London, the mural appears behind a heavily trimmed tree as the world greets it first day of spring. Behind the tree, Banksy painted a person who appeared to be spraying green onto the tree’s branches. The artist shared images of the artwork on her Instagram and claims ownership.

Great Britain Banksy
A new Banksy painting is seen on the wall of a building in London on Monday, March 18, 2024.

Alastair Grant / AP

James Peak, who created the BBC Radio 4 series The Banksy Story, narrated BBC News that the color of the paint used by Banksy is the same as that used by the local council for signs in the area. According to Islington Council, the cherry tree used as the basis for the mural outside a four-storey residential building is around half a century old and is “dilapidated and in danger”. declining health.” The council said it was continuing to prune the tree “for safety reasons and in an effort to extend its lifespan.”

The bright green mural first appeared on Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day.

“When you step back, it looks like the tree comes to life, but in a distinctly false and synthetic way,” Peak said. “It’s spring now and this tree should be bursting with leaves, but Banksy must have cycled past and thought how miserable it looked.”

The message is clear,” he added. “Nature is fighting and it’s up to us to help it regrow.”

A new Banksy mural was unveiled in north London on St Patrick’s Day.

Alastair Grant / AP

Pura Lawler told this Associated Press She came across the mural on her way to the gym and immediately thought it was a message about the “destruction of forests.”

“The tree looks very sad without branches and without greenery,” she said.

Others also picked up on this message. Former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told the AP that the latest artwork imposes a certain perspective on passersby.

“[It] makes people stop and think, “Wait a minute.” We live in a world. We live in an environment. “It is vulnerable and on the verge of serious damage,” Corbyn said.

Environmental protection is no stranger to the area where Banksy released his latest artwork. In 2019 Islington Council declared a climate emergencyand promises to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. As well as improving energy efficiency across the board and reducing transport emissions, the council is also working to combat biodiversity loss and better prepare residents to adapt to a changing climate.

The council says it has planted more than 900 trees and also places emphasis on community food growing, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy, where goods are used for as long as possible before being recycled so they are used rather than wasted can be. For example, the local council opened a “Library of Things” that offers residents tools and other items for rent, rather than forcing them to purchase their own items.

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