Theme: “Cabo Verde’s Emerging Tech Sector”

Host: US Ambassador to Cabo Verde Jeff Daigle

Date and Time: July 2023

Short description of the call: Join Special Representative for Trade and Business Affairs Dilawar Syed, U.S. Ambassador to Cabo Verde Jeff Daigle and Cabo Verde Undersecretary of Digital Economy Pedro Lopes to learn more about business opportunities for U.S. companies in Cabo Verde. In this video, Minister Pedro Lopes describes recent developments in Cabo Verde’s technology sector.

Special Representative Syed: Hello, my name is Dilawar Syed. I am Special Representative for Trade and Business Affairs. I speak to you from Praia. I was here for a few days as part of my West Africa trip to drum up more support for commercial investment in Cabo Verde. We are excited about the opportunities in renewable energy, digital tourism and the blue economy. We are pleased that so many of you have registered for the Direct Line with our ambassador. We certainly hope you enjoy hearing about the opportunities in this country and hope many of you will invest. Thank you for joining.

US Ambassador Jeff Daigle: Thank you, Special Representative Syed. Hello, I’m Jeff Daigle, the US Ambassador to Cabo Verde. The close ties between the United States and Cabo Verde date back more than two centuries and are reflected in the sizeable Cabo Verdean community in the United States, larger than the population of Cabo Verde itself. Shared values ​​form the foundation of the bilateral relationship, with Cabo Verde being a regional model of stability, committed to democracy and good governance, the rule of law, transparency and the promotion of human rights. Cabo Verde’s private-sector approach to economic development, its focus on the digital and blue economy, and its potential as a gateway to mainland Africa offer outstanding opportunities for U.S. companies and investors in a range of sectors, including port management and maritime services, clean energy, pharmaceuticals , tourism, cybersecurity and agriculture. Expanding U.S. trade relations with Cabo Verde is our embassy’s top priority. She is ready to help American companies and investors look at the Cabo Verdean market, including by helping the right people make the right contacts to do business here. We also maintain a current country-specific trade guide to Cabo Verde, available on the U.S. Department of Commerce website. And now I am very pleased to introduce to you the Cape Verdean Secretary of State for Digital Economy, Pedro Lopes.

Pedro Lopes, Secretary of State for Digital Economy: It was a pleasure to welcome Mr. Syed here in Cabo Verde and show him that the technology islands are open and ready for business and to receive U.S. business. We are building a technology park that will be ready by the end of this year to serve the entire continent. We want to be a reference, a technology center for West Africa. We have also invested in the right connectivity. The internet is fast in Cabo Verde and we want to improve it even further. And we train the talent. Cape Verdeans being trained to work in ICT companies to open their own ICT companies, but also talent from West Africa and talent from around the world. We believe that we can do magical things here in Cabo Verde and tell a story to the world using the power of ICT.

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