A couple vacationing in Georgia ended up in jail after drinking too much and being unable to keep up with two children, ages 5 and 7, on the beach, Florida investigators say.

It happened on Saturday, March 16, in Daytona Beach and concerns were so great that a Volusia County officer checked for a pulse when the couple couldn’t be awakened, an affidavit said. Daytona Beach is approximately 55 miles northeast of Orlando.

A 911 caller alerted authorities and reported that two adults had passed out from “drinking too much” and that their children were missing, the report said.

When officers arrived, they found an unconscious man and woman surrounded by empty alcohol containers and children’s toys, officials said.

“Officers attempted to wake (the man) by speaking to him but were unsuccessful,” the report said.

“The officers poked his arm several times, but he continued to sleep. (He) was breathing and had a pulse. Eventually the deputies started screaming.”

The couple then woke up “in a state of confusion,” officials said.

The officers asked several times if they had children and learned that there were two somewhere.

“When (the man) was asked where the children were, he pointed to the sea and turned back to the officers. He did not point out any specific children, nor did he attempt to further locate the children,” officials said.

The couple, who live northeast of Atlanta, eventually said they didn’t know for sure where the children were, prompting a search.

Officers found the children, a boy and a girl, at the pool at the Nautilus Inn, where they were swimming without supervision.

The couple, both 27, were arrested on child neglect charges, officials said. The man, who is not the biological father of the two children, faces additional charges for consuming alcohol on a Volusia County beach and attempting to escape, the sheriff’s office said.

He was recorded running away from officers during questioning but stumbling and fainting after hitting the ground, prompting an ambulance to be called, officials said.

The children were taken to a family center and held until a relative arrived in Daytona Beach to take them back to Georgia, officials said.

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