A former police officer has claimed he acted in self-defence when he hit an inspector he caught having sex with his wife, a jury has heard.

Gavin Harper, 45, had a tracking device installed on the vehicle of his wife, police officer Stephanie Glynn, because he said he suspected her of having an affair.

He followed her to a Screwfix car park in Birkenhead, Merseyside, where he caught her having sex with her colleague Andrew McLullich, 42, on the evening of February 16, 2021, Liverpool Crown Court was told.

There, Harper is said to have started filming the police colleagues on his mobile phone before Mr McLullich, he claimed, began to hit him “repeatedly”.

The court was told security guard Harper, from Liscard, Wirral, hit him back “three or four times” in self-defence.

Harper, a former police officer, is now on trial accused of unlawfully injuring Mr McLullich and stalking Ms Glynn, 40, between December 2020 and February 2021.

In court Tuesday, Harper told his attorney, Suzanne Payne, that he did not drive to the parking lot with the intention of fighting the inspector.

Asked why he went there, Harper said: “Get incontrovertible proof that they were having an affair, a sexual affair, by videotaping them and then giving them to him.” police.”

He said the purpose of collecting evidence was that they were two serving officers having an affair during the COVID-19 crisis.

Harper said Mr McLullich “swept him with his legs” and then his wife, who he claimed was naked from the waist down except for her socks, said to “get his phone, get his phone.” “.

Harper said that in the fight that ensued, Ms Glynn “started kicking him”.

He told the jury: “That’s probably the worst thing about it.”

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The Crown says Ms Glynn began a sexual relationship with Mr McLullich after she left Harper, but he could not accept the breakdown of their marriage.

Instead, prosecutors say, he became possessed and began attacking Mr. McLullich in the Screwfix car park, hitting him twice in the head with a flashlight.

The court heard how Harper placed a tracker with a microphone in the vehicle and listened in on their conversation after he searched Ms Glynn’s phone and became suspicious of the couple.

At some point he called Mr McLullich on Ms Glynn’s phone to confront him.

The process continues.

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