John Oliver had to take another moment to attack Kate Middleton, this time on his own turf.

After delving into conspiracies surrounding the Princess of Wales’ doctored family photo in last Tuesday’s episode (March 12). See what’s happening liveOliver couldn’t resist joking about Middleton again on Sunday night’s (March 17) episode Last week tonightPer The Daily Beast.

“A certain person’s free Adobe trial expired pretty publicly,” he teased.

The joke comes from a picture posted to Kate and Prince William’s Instagram page on Mother’s Day in the UK (March 10). It has since emerged that it was manipulated and was even labeled as such InstagramPer People. This was the first time the public had heard from Middleton since her “planned abdominal surgery” that took place in January.

Middleton apologized in a year Statement online The next day this only sparked more chatter, claiming: “Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing.”

As for Oliver WWHL During his appearance last week, he weighed in on the royal furor after host Andy Cohen asked: “What the hell is going on with Kate Middleton?”

Oliver claimed that he was initially “out” of the intense speculation about how Middleton was doing.

“I thought, let’s all just ignore this,” he shared. “We kept going – until the Photoshop thing. At this point it almost feels like it’s being dealt with in an impressively bad way.”

Cohen reiterated his confusion, asking Oliver, “Because their motto isn’t, ‘Never complain, never explain?’ And they let her explain it on Twitter?”

Oliver replied: “Yes, the chances that she died 18 months ago are greater than zero.” They could be Weekend at Bernie’s–in this situation.”

While he stressed that he is “not saying it happened,” he reiterated that he is “saying it is non-zero until proven otherwise.”

“Until you see her with a copy of today’s newspaper,” he added.

Oliver certainly isn’t the only TV personality to comment on the news. The viewThe Hot Topics Table debated whether Middleton’s statement was sincere or not. When Sunny Hostin learned that William was blamed for taking the now-infamous photo, she asked, “You don’t have money for a royal photographer?”

Since the scandal, another one Photo of the royal family — this image depicts the late Queen Elizabeth II, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren — has been classified as “digitally altered,” according to Getty Images Forbes.

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