A BBC journalist has been slammed after she appeared to spread a baseless conspiracy theory about Princess Kate online – suggesting a “lookalike” was caught on camera alongside Prince William in a recent video.

Recordings were released last night The sun showed the Prince and Princess of Wales carrying bags after a trip to a farm shop in Windsor on Saturday.

Royal fans were quick to rave about how well Kate seemed to be doing, with fans taking to social media site X to comment on her “relaxed” and “beautiful” look.

However, less than 24 hours later, the conspiracy theories that have been circulating online in recent weeks continued after weeks of speculation about the mother-of-three’s well-being since she underwent planned abdominal surgery in January.

BBC rugby specialist Sonja McLaughlan repeated a theory on her even went so far as to claim that this was the future King could have been replaced by an actor.

Commenting on a viral video comparing professionally shot older images of Kate with the latest grainy amateur footage, Mc McLaughlan said: “It’s obviously not Kate. Some newspapers report this as fact. But she isn’t. Not a conspiracy theorist, but all very strange.”

She questioned why British newspapers were “reporting this as fact” and theorized that it could be “a few look-alikes up to mischief.”

Her statement sparked strong backlash from royal fans. One wrote: “It bothers me that you are making ridiculous claims. It is Catherine, they are known to visit this farm shop. We were always told that she would do that.” The resumption of service after Easter is only a few weeks away.

A second added: “I really hope you lose your BBC job over this. This is what you deserve. Conspiracy theorists shouldn’t be in the news. Especially not on a publicly funded station.”

A third chimed in: “Sonja – the BBC’s chief disinformation officer will investigate you for being a conspiracy theorist.”

The 42-year-old Princess of Wales is not expected to return to her official royal duties until after Easter. Kensington Palace confirmed it would not inform the public as she continued to recover in peace.

Less than a week after Kensington Palace found itself in the middle of a PR storm after a sweet photo shared by the Welsh family on Mother’s Day caused controversy after Princess Kate admitted to editing the image originally taken by Prince William have.

The incident prompted a number of leading international picture agencies to issue a “kill notice” about it, effectively withdrawing the film from their circulation.

The beautiful photo showed Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis standing on either side of their mother, while Prince George stood tall behind Princess Kate as she sat down. Kensington Palace confirmed that the original photo will not be published.

Express.co.uk has contacted Kensington Palace for comment, while a BBC spokesperson confirmed they will not comment on Mc McLaughlan’s social media posts.

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