Princess Kate ‘calming’ Mother’s Day image ‘completely opposite’, says royal biographer

Details of the Princess of Wales’ return to public life have been leaked as a top-secret project has reportedly been set up to plan this return.

Kate Middleton is believed to be eyeing a return on Easter Sunday, when she could join her family in her traditional walk to the Easter service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

According to reports, King Charles was pictured leaving Windsor Castle on Tuesday during his cancer treatment.

The princess was not expected to return to public appearances until after Easter as she continued to recover at home from abdominal surgery in January.

But after constant and sometimes wild speculation about her absence from royal life, it was reported that Kensington Palace has called together Kate and William’s closest aides, along with former palace staff and their communications teams, to develop a plan for their public return.

Those involved are said to include her new private secretary, Lieutenant Colonel Tom White, and William’s new private secretary, former diplomat Ian Patrick.

The news comes as images taken on Tuesday morning showed King Charles looking listless as he was evicted from Windsor Castle. He was wearing a suit and was seen inside the Bentley vehicle being escorted by police.

The king stepped down from his public duties after being diagnosed with cancer in January.


King Charles seen waving after leaving Windsor Castle

King Charles was seen being expelled from Windsor Castle and arriving at Clarence House in Westminster as he continued his cancer treatment.

The royal was pictured wearing a suit in the back seat of a Bentley vehicle as it drove from his home in Berkshire to London with a police escort.

After a short time at Clarence House, he could be seen waving to the public as he drove away in the back of the car.

The king is continuing his cancer treatment following the shock diagnosis in January.

King Charles pictured leaving Clarence House in Westminster on Tuesday morning

(Ben Cawthra/LNP)

Alex RossMarch 19, 2024 12:15 p.m


‘Top secret project’ planned for Kate Middleton’s return

A team of communications experts and the Prince and Princess of Wales’ closest confidantes are reportedly being assembled to plan Kate Middleton’s return to public life – as details of when that might be emerged.

The mirror reports that the team, which includes Kate’s new private secretary, Lt. Col. Tom White, is being consulted about a timetable for her return to public service.

The group is also said to include William’s new private secretary, former diplomat Ian Patrick, who served under former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown.

Recent reports suggest Kate could return to her royal duties by accompanying her family on their traditional walk to the annual Easter service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on Easter Sunday.

However, other reports suggest she may not return until after April 17, when her children go back to school after a three-week break.

Kensington Palace has so far refused to comment.

Last night a video emerged of Kate smiling as she left a farm shop on the Windsor estate with William.

Alex RossMarch 19, 2024 12:05 p.m


Revealed: Did the BBC change its logo from red to black?

Social media posts have sparked health fears in the royal family after some Twitter users misleadingly referred to a change in the BBC’s social media branding.

The confusion was sparked by a tweet posted overnight by user @FieldsLeaf which claimed that BBC UK had changed its logo from red to black on Instagram. This most recently happened on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The claim made in the tweet is untrue. The BBC operates several social media accounts on various platforms. In general, the public broadcaster’s main account – “BBC” – uses an icon with its logo on a black background.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 12:00


Kate Middleton posts a funny Instagram message on St. Patrick’s Day as she misses the parade after undergoing surgery

Kate had to skip this year’s parade as she continues to recover from abdominal surgery she underwent in January.

She became an honorary colonel in the Irish Guards last year but was not at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, on Sunday. Aside from missing the 2016 festivities, Kate has attended every parade since 2012.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 11:30 am


Kim Kardashian jokes about ‘finding’ Kate Middleton

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to joke about Kate Middleton as she told fans she was looking for the Princess of Wales.

The Skims founder recently took to Instagram share different pictures of yourself including one of her standing next to a car. She captioned the post, “On the way to finding Kate.”

Kate has not been seen in public since undergoing abdominal surgery earlier this year and recently gained attention after posting a picture that appeared to have been photoshopped.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 11:00 am


In the newspaper today: Pictures of Kate Middleton and William

Still images from a video showing Kate Middleton and William, the Prince of Wales, visiting a farm shop in Windsor at the weekend were released today by The sun.

The footage shows the smiling princess as she talks to William while carrying a large white bag from the Windsor Farm Shop.

A witness at the farm shop told the news outlet: “After all the rumors that were circulating, I was stunned to see her there.

“Kate went shopping with William and she looked happy and well. The children weren’t there, but it’s a good sign that she was healthy enough to go shopping.”

The picture appeared on the front page of The Sun on Tuesday

(Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

More stills from the video were published in the newspaper

(Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Alex RossMarch 19, 2024 10:42 am


Piers Morgan claims he has heard ‘alarming things’ about Kate Middleton

Piers Morgan has spoken out about Kate Middleton’s photo editing conspiracy, saying he has heard ‘alarming things’.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 10:30 am


Kate’s health and Charles’ battle with cancer: What royal commentators say about the Windsors

With their numerous health problems, bitter disputes, high-profile feuds and never-ending rumor mill that captures the public’s imagination like no other, control over the royal family has rarely been so intense.

When King Charles was diagnosed with cancer following routine prostate surgery, it was followed by the altogether more worrying news that Kate Middleton was to remain in hospital for 14 days following abdominal surgery.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 10:05


William visits Sheffield to take part in discussions with locals about ending homelessness

The Prince of Wales’ ambitious project to end homelessness has been boosted by a £1million hardware store.

William will visit Sheffield, one of six sites for his Homewards initiative, to meet families experiencing homelessness, community leaders and grassroots organizations taking part in a workshop to help design the city’s new housing project.

The future king will announce Homebase’s pledge of £1 million in support in the form of up to 1,500 home starter packs, which could include paint, furniture, flooring and fittings to help renters transform a property into a home .

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 09:36


Major photo agency reveals another royal photo has been doctored

Although the image has been in public view for nearly a year, Getty Images released an editor’s note on Monday saying that “the image was digitally enhanced at the source,” a Getty spokesperson saidThe Telegraph.

Maryam Zakir HussainMarch 19, 2024 8:52 am

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