Title 42, the United States’ pandemic rule that immediately deported hundreds of thousands of migrants who crossed the border illegally over the past three years, has expired. These migrants have the opportunity to apply for asylum. President Biden’s new rules intended to replace Title 42 face legal challenges. The This was announced by the US Department of Homeland Security a rule that makes it extremely difficult for anyone traveling through another country, such as Mexico, to qualify for asylum. Although there was an increase in border crossings by the end of Title 42, The number of migrants at the US-Mexico border has unexpectedly decreased since Title 42 expired. The Biden administration said reinstating criminal penalties for illegal entry was likely the main reason for the slowdown. Some immigrants have said they are worried about tighter controls and the uncertainty ahead. Immigration is once again front and center in the media as we examine the humanitarian, political and health issues facing migrants.

Below are some of the latest headlines from the Immigration channel on Newswise.

Expert commentary

Experts are available at the end of Title 42

-Scientists Strategy Network

George Washington University experts on the end of Title 42

-George Washington University

“Nobody wins when immigrants don’t have easy access to healthcare.”

-Cornell University

URI professor speaks about increasing child labor in the United States

-University of Rhode Island

Biden “between a rock and a hard place” on immigration

-Cornell University

University of Notre Dame expert available to comment on House immigration and border protection bill

-University of Notre Dame

Experts from American universities are available to discuss President Biden’s visit to the US-Mexico border

-American University

Title 42 Termination “Past Due,” Not “Effective,” to Manage Migration

-Cornell University

Research and functions

Study: Survey methodology should be adjusted to take into account negative attitudes towards immigrants and asylum seekers

-George Washington University

A study analyzes racial discrimination in hiring in Europe

-University of Carlos III of Madrid

DACA had no negative impact on the U.S. labor market

-University of Delaware

ASBMB warns of drastic increases in immigration fees

-American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Study compares NGO communication on the topic of migration

-Iowa State University

Collaboration and support structures needed to address the “polycrisis” in America

-University of Miami

TTUHSC El Paso faculty teach students while caring for migrants

-Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

Immigrants report a decline in alcohol consumption in the first two years after arriving in the United States

-Research Society on Alcoholism

How the credibility of asylum seekers is assessed by the authorities

-University of Copenhagen

Speeding up and simplifying immigration applications is urgently needed to address the dire situation of homeless migrants

– University of Portsmouth

Training individuals to work in their communities to reduce health disparities

-University of California San Diego

“Regulation through reputation”: An assessment program can help combat migrant abuse in the Gulf region

-University of Notre Dame

Brain drain: Economic development does not necessarily lead to a brain drain

-Max Planck Society

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?

-International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Darker-skinned immigrants perceive more discrimination

-Tufts University

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