SECRETARY BLINKING: Well, let me say briefly what a pleasure it is to be with the Secretary-General, as always, but especially at this time when the United Nations plays such a crucial and vital role. We have many important things to discuss, starting of course with Gaza and the conflict between Israel and Hamas. I have seen every day what the United Nations is doing, with the extraordinary courage and bravery of its people, to ensure that the help, assistance and support that people who desperately need it get the help, assistance and support they need – the Palestinians in Gaza – and I I incredibly admire the efforts of the United Nations and am also very grateful for the leadership of the Secretary-General in this area, and now with the recent appointment of a coordinator, Sigrid Kaag, who is exceptional, and me through a Security Council resolution I had the opportunity to work with.

So I know we’ll be talking about both the challenges and the opportunities in Haiti, where the United Nations is also doing important work, and of course many other challenges, including the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine. Most importantly, on behalf of the United States, I am very grateful for the leadership of the Secretary-General and the United Nations, because if we didn’t have it, we would have to invent it, as we would say, because of the extraordinary work that members of the UN teams make a difference every day around the world, and none more so than in Gaza.

SECRETARY GENERAL GUTERRES: The partnership between the United States and the United Nations is an absolutely fundamental part of our multilateral program, and I am particularly grateful for the personal efforts that Secretary Blinken has made to address some of the most difficult issues of our time. I think we all want the war in Ukraine to end, but in accordance with the UN Charter, in accordance with international law. I think we all want this crisis in Gaza to end with a peace solution and a two-state solution, and for Palestinians and Israelis to be able to turn this terrible crisis into an opportunity for a shared future. And we are extremely interested in working together in many other situations around the world where the United States and the United Nations are making joint efforts to bring about peace, stability and development. This is also important in order to stabilize these achievements that we hope to achieve.

SECRETARY BLINKING: Thank you very much. Thank you all.

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