Snow could fall in the UK later this week as new weather maps predict up to 6cm in Scotland. WXCharts weather maps mark the start of wintry showers across the UK on Saturday, March 23, with snow in parts of Scotland, northern England and Wales.

According to the maps, western Scotland will be the worst affected, with up to 6cm of snow expected to fall by 9am.

Light snow showers were possible in England, Manchester, Liverpool and Lancashire, with around 0.5cm falling on Saturday morning. Most parts of Wales will also experience severe weather this weekend.

Meanwhile, a wave of heavy rain will hit the rest of the UK, including Northern Ireland, Wales and parts of England.

Plymouth and Cornwall will be a disaster as weather maps show the areas inundated by rain on Saturday morning. This is followed by a period of milder weather across most of the country with temperatures reaching a maximum of 17°C.

Wind could make the weekend feel cooler, with gusts of -17C sweeping across Scotland.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said in a statement that we’re starting off pretty mild.

“However, it will be slightly colder later this week, across the north of England. Low pressure areas continue to dominate and bring rain showers. However, initially from the southwest, so relatively relatively.” later in the week mild air.

Saturday, March 23rd – Monday, April 1st

Saturday will see spells of sunshine and showers across the UK. The showers will be heavy and thundery at times, and there may be hail in some places. Showers are expected to gradually ease from the northwest throughout the day and most places will be dry by the evening. Mostly dry Sunday morning with sunny spells before cloud cover increases later from the west, and some rain is likely to reach western areas later in the day. Temperatures are expected to be below normal over the weekend. During the following week, unsettled conditions are likely to develop in many parts as the Atlantic frontal systems expand from the west. All areas will experience periods of rain, with some drier periods in between. Rainfall levels are likely to be highest in the south, while northern areas will be slightly drier but cooler.

Tuesday, April 2nd – Tuesday, April 16th

Into April, pressure is expected to be above average in the north of the UK, while low pressure is more likely in the west or southwest. This pattern tends to shift the focus of unsettled weather further south than usual, with the highest rainfall most likely to occur in the south of the UK. In contrast, northern areas tend to be drier than normal. Temperatures are likely to be near or slightly above average, with cooler spells most likely in the north.


Clouds and some showers continue to move southeast across England and Wales, easing during the afternoon. Otherwise a lot of dry weather with some sunshine. Mostly mild and the wind decreases throughout the day.


Any showers will gradually ease but will become cloudy in the southwest as rain moves northeast overnight. Stays dry with clear spells in Scotland and rural frost. Elsewhere mild.


On Wednesday, outbreaks of rain occurred in central areas and dissipated towards the east. It’s dry elsewhere, with a few showers in the far north. Temperatures are closer to average, but mild in the southeast.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Thursday will remain changeable with intermittent outbreaks of rain, interrupted by some clear periods. It will be windy later, then colder with sunshine and heavy showers on Friday and Saturday.

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