A former primary school teacher in Nottingham, England, is defending herself in court this week after she was fired for raising concerns about her school’s support of pro-transgender ideology.

The Christian teacher said she was asked by her employer to treat an eight-year-old student who joined her class at the start of the 2021 school year as transgender.

“All staff were required to attend trans sensitivity training in the new school year, which only seemed to reassure staff that the only right thing to do was to ‘affirm’ children in their chosen gender,” “Hannah” told Fox News Digital .

“There was no consideration or indication that this approach could cause harm. It seemed the message was that being okay with it was better for the child’s mental and emotional health,” she continued.



The school told the teacher that her new student needed to be addressed by her preferred pronouns and her new name. ((Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images))

The school created guidelines for students based on guidance from pro-LGBTQ group Stonewall Champion. The policy allowed the child to be addressed by his new name and pronouns and to use mixed-gender facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms at school, it said Christian Legal Center, Who supports “Hannah”.

A court order to protect “child

Hannah said she raised concerns with school officials that it was dangerous to lead children down a path that could lead to irreversible changes to their bodies.

“I expressed concerns about the long-term effects of ‘affirmation’, how children can ultimately be led in a direction that convinces them that they are in the wrong body and that they can then take irrevocable action to change the way they look and “effectively destroying her own body,” she said. “I tried to explain how influential trusted adults are in controlling these children and giving them false messages, especially when they are so young and uncritical. They believe what we tell them.”

Hannah claimed the school ignored the evidence she tried to present to them. According to the Christian Legal Center, she was then fired after consulting her lawyers about the policy.

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A former teacher in England said she was unfairly dismissed after raising concerns with her students about the school’s “gender-affirming” policy (iStock)

She is now taking legal action against the primary school and Nottinghamshire County Council. Hannah will argue that she was targeted, unfairly dismissed and discriminated against because of her Christian faith because of the policy disclosure.

Hannah says she worked at the school for five years without incident. But she claims that speaking out on this one issue out of concern for the well-being of her students cost her her career.

“I raised a real child Backup problem in good faith, and not only was I silenced and forbidden from speaking to anyone about it, but I was also fired, reported to a professional regulator, and lost my teaching career. “I’m now working on making sandwiches at a sandwich bar,” she explained.

Hannah will argue her case in an employment tribunal at the Nottingham Justice Center on Tuesday.


Nottinghamshire County Council did not respond to a request for comment.

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