A possible murder-suicide is under investigation after two bodies found in a ditch in Texas were tentatively identified as a missing 32-year-old mother and her 3-year-old son, authorities said.

Savannah Samantha Kriger and her son Kaiden may have been found in a ditch near Tom Slick Park in San Antonio, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said Tuesday during a news conference.

The two were reported missing Monday after Kriger was last seen leaving her job early to pick up her son from daycare for a doctor’s appointment the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. Authorities later found her white 2023 Lincoln Aviator abandoned in Tom Slick Park, they said.

Salazar said a welfare check was conducted at the Krigers’ home Monday night around 6:30 p.m., but they were unable to enter. Later that evening, the sheriff’s office contacted a family member who let them in.

“I won’t go into too much detail about what was found, but they did find some things that led us to believe that there was certainly cause for concern for the child and also for Savannah,” Salazar said.

Sheriff’s deputies searched all night for Kriger and her son, eventually finding only the missing white Lincoln Aviator parked in Tom Slick Park, according to Salazar. Although officers recovered the SUV, they could not find Kriger or Kaiden, he said.

Savannah, Kaiden Kriger was found in a drainage system, sheriff says

The search resumed at dawn on Tuesday, and then officers and park police found the two bodies in the ditch inside a drainage system at the back of the park, Salazar said.

“We believe these are Savannah and the child,” the sheriff said of the bodies. “It appears that there is evidence that some shots were fired, but at this time it is too early to make any further statements beyond preliminary identification.”

In addition to the bodies, officers found a weapon at the scene, Salazar said.

Savannah Kriger is considered the only suspect, the sheriff says

The sheriff’s office believes Kriger is the only suspect, Salazar said. According to the sheriff’s office, a custody dispute was ongoing between Kriger and Kaiden’s father. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

The whereabouts of Kriger and Kaiden worried family members, who were unable to reach them, the sheriff said.

“(Kriger’s) phone went straight to voicemail,” Salazar said. “Your location services were turned off.”

Pictured is Savannah Samantha Kriger.

Pictured is Savannah Samantha Kriger.

When Kriger left her job early, Salazar said her colleagues didn’t believe there was “any cause for concern.”

Salazar said Kriger and Kaiden left their SUV and walked “a significant distance” from the park to the drainage facility, and that’s when the possible shooting occurred.

“I’m disappointed that we’re operating on this premise until we can verify it,” the sheriff said.

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