The Conservatives were fined more than £10,000 by the electoral watchdog for failing to correctly declare donations.

The party 19 donations in kind in the form of an employee seconded to the party by a donor between April 2020 and December 2023 were not sufficiently reported, the electoral commission said.

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Donations in kind were under-reported by more than £200,000 when the employee moved from part-time to full-time work at the party.

The Tories also reported a single in-kind donation linked to the same seconded employee late in December 2023.

Louise Edwards, director of regulation and digital transformation, said: “Our investigation into the Conservative and Unionist Party found that a number of donations were reported incorrectly or late.”

“The political financing laws we enforce are designed to ensure transparency in party funding and increase public trust in our system. It is therefore important that donations are reported fully and clearly.”

“When we identify violations, we carefully consider the circumstances before deciding whether to impose a sanction. We consider a number of factors before making our final decision, including proportionality.”

Hester controversy

It happens like with the conservatives Try to draw a boundary amid a fundraising dispute that has been dominating the headlines for days – bringing the mood in the party to new lows.

The dispute concerns comments made by businessman and Tory donor Frank Hester, who reportedly said in 2019 that Diane Abbott, Britain’s longest-serving black MP, had made him “want to hate all black women” and that she “should be shot.” “.

Election records show Mr Hester donated £10m to the Conservatives last year.

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“I think Hester’s money should be kept.”

Rishi Sunakwho described the comments as “racist and wrong”, was already under pressure to return the money when it was revealed he gave the party a further £5m, which has not yet been declared as the Electoral Commission only publishes donation lists every three months .

The government has repeatedly refused to confirm whether the money was received.

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Sky News understands The party is still “negotiating” the additional funds.

The prime minister tried to wrap up the story on Monday when he started a resistance against rumors of a conspiracy to oust him.

Asked why his party would take £5m from someone he said had made racist comments, he said: “He has already apologized for those comments.”

“And my position is that if someone apologizes sincerely, expresses remorse – that should be accepted. And that’s it.”

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