If there is one thing Donald Trump He hates it even more than losing an election. People think he’s not as rich as he claims.

On Monday, lawyers for the former president said this was the case unable to secure the $464 million bond needed to appeal a massive New York civil fraud verdict against him and his company. The filing revealed that 30 underwriters declined to support the bond, which was valued at 130 percent Civil verdict for fraud of $355 million filed against him and the Trump Organization in February.

Trump is pissed and spent much of Monday night and Tuesday morning ranting on Truth Social.

“The bonding companies have never heard of a bond of this size before and are not in a position to post such a bond even if they wanted to,” he said wrote in a post.

In another: him falsely claimed that Judge Arthur Engoron is breaking precedent by ordering bail to be paid before a defendant enters the appeal process. He “wants me to pay the ridiculous fine (I did nothing wrong!) before I get a chance to appeal his crazy verdict – a first!” Trump wrote.

In fact, security bonds are a common practice in civil courts across the country. Bail essentially guarantees that the person will be able to pay the amount owed if they lose their appeal and prevents individuals from avoiding penalties indefinitely by delaying enforcement of an order through the appeals process.

Trump knows this. Earlier this month, the former president has posted a $91.6 million bond to appeal the verdict against him in a civil libel case brought against him by author E. Jean Carroll. But his bail in the New York civil fraud case is more than five times that size, and although Trump has a lot of money tied up in real estate and other assets, without a backer to cover the bail, he would likely have to sell real estate to raise the funds gather to appeal the verdict.

“I would be forced to mortgage or sell large assets, perhaps at bargain prices, and if I win the appeal they would be gone,” he said said at one point in his rant.

“In fact, Judge Engoron wants me to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for the right to appeal his ridiculous decision. In other words, he is trying to take away my appeal rights even though I have already won in the Appellate Division, but he refuses to accept the decision they have already made,” Trump claimed.

Trump did not win the appeal in this case. In fact, several appeals filed by his legal team before the final ruling were overturned or rejected by New York courts, while other motions filed during the trial remained unresolved.

Of course, as is typical of Trump’s social media tirades, the former president is accusing prosecutors and judges of overseeing election interference on behalf of his 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden. “If I wasn’t running for president and had a big lead, there would be none of this JUSTICE. ELECTION INTERFERENCE! MAGA!!!” He raged.
Regardless of whether Trump appeals, he will still have to come up with a lot of money to satisfy the court, and New York Attorney General Letitia James has already said the state will not hesitate to do so Seize Trump’s property as payment if that’s what it takes to get her bag.

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