The latest British weather maps have revealed a huge bomb of snow and ice stretching from the north of Scotland to the Midlands in a matter of days.

According to the latest forecasts from WX Charts, there will be an east-west divide as the country’s west coast will see a 511-mile-long snow bomb stretching from Durness in the Scottish Highlands down to Stoke-on-the-West. extends north. Trent in the Midlands at 3am on Saturday morning.

At the same time, the east coast of the country should be completely spared. Parts of North Wales are also expected to be covered in a blanket of snow.

Up to 3cm of snow will fall every hour in the north of Scotland, while it is expected to remain on the ground between Inverness and Aberdeen. Around 1cm per hour will fall near Glasgow, Dumfries and Galloway, while south of the border it is unlikely to fall.

A separate weather map shows icy winds sweeping across northern Europe, including Britain and parts of Scandinavia, as the polar blast sweeps across Britain.

Temperature maps show that when snow falls, the coldest temperatures are near Glasgow, where the mercury drops to a freezing -1°C. Temperatures will be below freezing across much of Scotland, while temperatures will also reach a freezing 0C near Newcastle and Carlisle.

Further south it will remain cool for many with maximum temperatures of 2°C in Wales, Manchester, London and Birmingham, 3°C in East Anglia and 4°C in the south west of England.

Looking ahead to the rest of the month, the long-term Met Office forecast for the period March 24 to April 2 predicts periods of wet weather and stormy conditions as strong winds are expected to sweep across the country.

It says: “Western areas will see increasingly sunny spells on Sunday, with showers in the central and eastern areas after a rather cold start.”

“The showers will be heavy and thundery at times, these will gradually taper off from the north west with most locations dry in the evening, although clouds and rain will move into Northern Ireland by the end of the day. Monday to Wednesday there will likely be some gusts of wind bringing wind and rain across the UK, heaviest in southern areas with strong winds at times.

“Temperatures at or just below normal. Uncertainty increases from mid-week and there is a chance of further weather systems developing across the South West, although all areas are likely to experience periods of wet weather with some drier spells in between. Rainfall levels are highest in the south, with northern areas being slightly drier but cooler.

Tuesday, March 19th to Saturday, March 23rd


The rain will spread northeast overnight but will remain mild.

Tonight and tonight:

Northern Scotland will experience a mix of rainy weather and a few showers overnight. Otherwise, clouds and rain will spread northeast and become heavy in places, although very little rain will reach the extreme southeast. Mild for many, but cold in the far north.


There will be outbreaks of rain in central areas, clearing towards the east. Elsewhere largely dry, with a few showers in the far north. Another rather warm day in the southeast.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

It will be largely dry in the south on Thursday, while rain and stronger winds will move in in the north. Friday and Saturday will be colder with a mix of sunshine and heavy showers.

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