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Sometimes in life you just can’t go back. I think of all the people I’ve spoken to who have lost an incredible amount of money Scammers pretend to be in love.

We also can’t go back to our old devices – as much as I miss that pink Razr. When I think about it, it’s the iPhone. The same applies to certain steps in our digital lives. Follow the steps below and praise yourself for a job well done.

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Create a digital will


Death is never fun to talk about, but it is a reality. What you do now can really help your loved ones in the future.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a digital checklist. It’s not a legal document, but rather an overview of all your accounts, passwords and online assets with instructions on how to find them. My mom made one before she passed away and I can’t tell you how much time and stress it saved me during an incredibly emotional time.

Your list can be as formal or informal as you like. It can be an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document that contains websites, login details, and anything else you want to leave behind. If you go this route, protect the file with a password and leave the password in your will.

Woman works on the computer

If you’re comfortable with this, I highly recommend doing this in a password manager. Most have the option to set up a contact who, if passed, can access your login information. If you’re more comfortable with pen and paper, use a password notebook.

Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Email, social media, financial and cloud storage accounts
  • Online shopping credentials
  • Streaming services and other recurring fees
  • Loyalty programs, including travel rewards
  • Domain names and website hosting

AI SHOWDOWN: I put 3 chatbots to the test

Keep going: I have steps here to set up your Apple, Facebook, and Google accounts after you graduate.

Control what meta knows and shares

We know why the shoes we clicked on yesterday are now in our Facebook feed. That is snow from yesterday. But just how deep is Meta’s surveillance rabbit hole? And how much of our data comes from other companies? Consumer Reports looked at the Facebook archives of 709 volunteers to see how many companies were tracking and sending data to Meta.

Your findings? An incredible 186,892 companies. On average, each volunteer had data from 2,230 companies sent to Zuck and Co. Some participants’ data was shared by more than 7,000 organizations.

The Facebook login screen on an iPhone

((Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images))

To see companies that have shared your information outside of the metaplatforms:

  • Open Facebook on your computer and click “ Profile picture top right.
  • Beat Settings and privacy > Settings > Account Center > Your Information and Permissions.
  • Click Your activity outside of meta-technologiesThen last activity. Here you can view recent connections between third-party companies you have interacted with.
  • Next, you’ll receive a list of interactions and have the option to delete your activity and/or disconnect to prevent future sharing.

If you want more detailed information about your Facebook interactions, click Download your informationThen Request a download.

Once your file is ready, you have four days to download it.


Don’t lose the inbox you’ve had for years

Google deletes accounts that have been inactive for at least two years. The good news is that you only need to log in to save the old account that you rarely use. Once you’re logged in, consider whether it makes sense to download all of the data associated with that account so you can deactivate it.

Here’s how:

  • Sign in to your Google account and then go
  • Select all the data you want to export.
  • Blow Next Stepand then select how you would like to receive this information: A download link via E-mail or added to one Google Drive, Dropbox, A ride or Crate Account.
  • Select how often you would like to receive this (once or every two months for a year) and the file type you would like to receive (either .Zipper or .tgz). I would use a zip file.
  • Click Create export. You will receive an email when the process is complete.

Not so bad, right?

Woman typing on laptop computer.

Maintain your technical knowledge

My popular podcast is called “Kim Commando today.“It’s a solid 30 minutes of tech news, tips, and callers with tech questions like you from across the country. Look for it wherever you get your podcasts. For your convenience, click the link below to view a recent episode.

PODCAST SELECTION: Harvard professor says he has found evidence of alien life

Dr. Avi Loeb has found tiny magnetic balls in the Pacific Ocean that he believes are extraterrestrial. Also a dating app for people with good credit, the credit depository breach and myths about flight mode.

Check out my podcast, Kim Komando Today Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast player.

Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for my last name “Komando”.


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