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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez donate $100 million to Maui wildfire relief efforts

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez, vice chair of the Bezos Earth Fund, have pledged to donate $100 million to help Maui rebuild after wildfires devastated the island. More than 90 people have died, thousands have been displaced, and buildings and businesses have burned down, making it one of the worst natural disasters in the US.

Ms Sanchez shared on social media that she and the former Amazon boss are “heartbroken” at the destruction and they are launching a fund to help the Hawaiian island “get back on its feet.”

“The immediate needs are important, as is the longer-term recovery that must take place — even as much of the attention has waned.” “Jeff and I are creating a Maui fund and are making $100 million available to help Maui now and.” to help get back on its feet in the years to come as the ongoing needs materialize,” Ms. Sanchez wrote on Instagram on Friday.

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Jeff Bezos, the third richest man in the world, reportedly owns a $78 million 14-acre estate on La Perouse Bay on Maui's south shore People. The property is approximately 20 miles from where the fire is currently burning in South Maui.

In the meantime, other celebrities have also campaigned for the relief measures. Oprah Winfrey, a Maui resident, earlier this week purchased supplies for evacuees in shelters across the island.

The fires, which broke out on the night of Tuesday, August 8th, have not yet been fully brought under control by the emergency services. The Hawaii fire is the second largest fire in the past 100 years, just behind the November 2018 campfire in California.

According to the US Forest Service, nearly 85% of US wildfires are man-made, while natural causes include lightning and volcanic activity.

research scientist at the Yale School of the Environment,Jennifer Marlon in an interview with CNNsaid such strange events are becoming more common due to climate change. According to the researcher, Hawaii's fires are fueled by a combination of high winds and dry conditions, which is further complicated by the island's geography.

President Joe Biden has declared Maui a major disaster area, paving the way for government assistance.

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