PH game against USA doing net rounds after World Cup

The Filipinas pose for posterity with the US workforce, who have been among the sport's biggest stars. —PFF PHOTO

The conclusion of the Fifa (Worldwide Affiliation Soccer Federation) Girls' World Cup finally gave the Filipinas a chance to reveal their skills ahead of their historic campaign, as did the closed-door training matches against the USA and Sweden.

Photos from the two friendlies were posted to the team's social media pages early Monday, including the Filipinas and the team posing as a group after their 70-minute practice match on July 14, a week before their World Cup stint begins in contrast to Switzerland.

Also, as a thank you to the US Football Association and the Swedish Football Association, videos were posted of the takeover of Sweden by the Filipinas, who finished third after beating co-hosts Australia in last Saturday's comfort game.

“We would like to thank US Soccer and the Swedish Football Association for giving us the opportunity to play against the world's top sides, and thank all the women athletes at the FIFA Women's World Cup for inspiring and helping footballers everywhere grow develop further,” the team said.



Jordan Clarkson is resting as Gilas falls against Mexico in the remainder of the Fiba World Cup warm-up


Gilas is now the “strongest team” in PH basketball history – Toroman


In order to organize the Fiba World Cup, USA Basketball introduced some training support

The World Cup ended with Spain beating England 1-0 in Sydney on Sunday through Olga Carmona's only goal in the first half (see related story on this page).

The group picture with the People, which had previously shown the Inquirer about the situation, which could be embargoed until after the World Cup, included Alex Morgan, Sophia Smith and Trinity Rodman, including Sarina Bolden, Olivia McDaniel, Hali Long , Sara Eggesvik and the rest of the Filipinas.

The USA won the game, which they hosted at their base camp in Auckland, 3-0. The national team was then prepared to win their third consecutive world title, but were surprisingly knocked out by Sweden on penalties in the round of 16.

Both teams agreed to keep the game a secret for the duration of the game, however there were several leaks, most notably ESPN's quick exit from the game in one of its stories after the US defeated Vietnam in the finals on July 23 had .

Sweden defeated the Filipinas 5-1 in the other coaching game before the World Cup, with Angie Beard becoming known as the Philippines' sole goalscorer. INQ

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