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Keep this name because yesterday in La Unión (Murcia) a new star was born in the universe of flamenco singing. Rocío Luna from Cordoba won the highest award at the International Cante de las Minas Festival, the Lámpara Minera, a €15,000 award that ranks her among the best in flamenco. The Cantaora also won the Mineras, Cartagenera, Siguiriya, Granaína and Media Granaína awards.

LA UNIÓN (MURCIA), 08/13/2023.- Cordoba singer Rocío Crespillo Luna during the performance with which she won the award

The Cordoba singer Rocío Crespillo Luna, last night at the old public market Catedral del Cante in La Unión (Murcia). EFE/Marcial Guillen

Marcial Guillen / Efe

The woman from Cordoba had everything in her favor in the grand final on Saturday, she was the only classified finalist who could decide on the top award, she had no competition with the other participants as she convinced the jury. The cantaora overcame her nervousness and carried her away with her interpretation por mineralas, cartagena, siguiriya, granaína and media granaína, winning an audience that supported her with their applause. A whole night full of emotions during which Rocío Luna received the award of the most important flamenco festival in the world from the hands of the singer Miguel Poveda, who remembered his success in La Unión that night 30 years ago. The cantaor was accompanied by the Mayor and President of the Cante de las Minas Foundation, Joaquín Zapata, who “cheered”.

In dance, the winners were Yoel Ferré Vargas from Tarragona and Rocío Garrido from Almería. Raúl Pérez from Cartagena received El Filón for his Taranta on the piano and Juan Luis Campos, “el Poti”, the Bordón Minero

Very pleased with the award, named Rocío Crespillo Luna dew moon , a native of the city of Cañada del Rabadán in Córdoba, confessed his struggle to “realize this dream”. I've worked for it since I was little, I'm proud to sing here and it's a luxury to receive an award that I put my heart into.”

The International Mining Festival La Unión, which celebrated its 62nd edition this year, has regained all the splendor it has lost in recent years. The Murcian city has lived 10 intense days in which the most famous flamenco artists have been there, such as the singer Miguel Poveda, who will be the preacher of the 63rd edition. The spectators also enjoyed the presence of the cantaora Estrella Morente, who left an exciting evening, the spectacular performance of Los Vicancos and the presence of the deepest cante in the voice of Carmen Linares.

LA UNION (MURCIA), 08/13/2023.  – The bailiff Yoel Ferré Vargas

Tarragona guarantor Yoel Ferré Vargas “Yoel Vargas” performs at the finals of the Cante de las Minas International Festival last night to win the “Desplante” prize in the men's category

Marcial Guillen / Efe

But there were other winners. The winners of the top dance trophies: El Filón and El Desplante were won by Yoel Ferré Vargas from Tarragona in the men's category and Rocío Garrido from Almería in the women's category. Raúl Pérez Fernández from Cartagena won the El Filón trophy for his interpretation of Taranta on the piano. Juan Luis Campos “El Poti” received the mining staff.

In Group III of Low Andalusian Songs, María Ángeles Cruzado from Huelva won the prize for Farruca and Sergio Gómez Delgado from Granada for Soleá. Antonio José Nieto Fernández from Córdoba accepted the award for Taranta.

The jury was chaired by Spanish bailaora and dance choreographer Blanca del Rey, who shared responsibility with mining song expert Paco Paredes; Union singer Francisco Severo; the flamenco journalist, author and producer José Manuel Gamboa; and the flamenco author and critic Manuel Bohórquez, with Salvador Alcaraz as secretary.

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