Ron DeSantis, his educational and political campaign

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had tackled the Republican presidential nomination, turning his campaign and political personality into a struggle against the country's supreme authority: an incompetent and irresponsible elite of bureaucrats, journalists, and educators. Experts” were written by the author perniciosa and inmerecida jurado derrotar. Due to his difficulties in the campaign, DeSantis has made his way to become a new conservative conservative, which also includes the public schools and universities such as the main battleground of the culture fighters and its education politicians in Florida as a model for him in Republican stadiums across the country.

Still, the crucial point that DeSantis criticizes is the grievance that lies therein. I studied at the Derecho Schools at Yale and Harvard Universities before completing the early years of my adult studies, which were subject to the study of the country's elite. An analysis by The New York Times revealed the manner in which DeSantis found himself having been sincerely deceived by the elite institutions, and also very perceptive in the hour of dealing with the truth he is proving could. Now the voter met with a historical revisionist on his issues and met with the class to reinforce his arguments in favor of bankruptcy and discrediting public education.

A sequel, the five conclusions of our New York Times article.

During his campaign, DeSantis described his final years at the Derecho de Yale and Harvard schools as a time of destroying enemy Fila, and described ambassadors to institutions as students and professors who went against the United States. But your overall experience was more diverse than what you had to recognize.

At Yale, a former part of St. Elmo, one of the school's “secrets,” the story was run by future senators and presidents a few years ago. Well, as Harvard was dominated by the university's “Critical Studies in Law,” the doctrine was established in the decadence when the school and the school provided access to the intermediaries under the Conservatory Society Sociedad Federalista.

As you break into politics, your elite curriculum will reach out to donors, fundraising and connecting with key Republicans. Speaking at a lectern in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she was presented before the first session of government: “Harvard has a lot more access” to political candidates.

DeSantis' ecological condo about the culture floe at Yale, some old classmates confronting the future governor, a suburb of Dunedin, a media suburb on the Gulf Coast, that was bewildering and about to leave campus de Yale, the most cosmopolitan and diverse their community.

I met with my tribute in the crew and in the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon, participated in the brutal rituals of the new group, an example worker, in the opinion of some antichrist fraternity brothers, in their attachment to the poder and intimidation.

On one occasion, DeSantis and other Hermanos went on a journey to the place where they intended to make their way to a licuador between the piernas of a new era with the children sold. During the Brotherhood's “Hell Week” which was in Hell, DeSanti committed to an aspirant to get pants from Beisbolen without crossing the part of trasera and muscles after exploring nalgas and genitals, and then proclaimed his anti-Hermanos and Novatos. DeSantis denied this version through his voice, because he made the statement of “ridiculous and completely false confirmations”.

In fact, DeSantis is not to be associated with the politics that confronts the ideology he embraces in Florida public schools and universities. Here are some examples: your intervention at the liberal arts school New College; The initiatives that help the Padres to manage the books available in primary and secondary schools; I forbid orienting myself in class on sexual orientation and generic form identity not considered “adecuadas para la edad,” as do the bans against understanding ideas as “racist racism” in public university capitals.

However, according to the Times, I set out when his party's main culture warrior was not preordained. Throughout the political process, including his early years as Florida governor, he was not identified as an educator in the race-community debates (when a Florida legislature introduced him to the conclusion of the New York bill). DeSantis, the liberal arts college, which has a distinguished educational experience at a public college, responded, “What is the New College?”

I've used the coronavirus pandemic (and the reactions against mask requirements, school districts, and the proliferation of “anti-racist” and “equality-oriented” curriculum) for DeSantis as a response to civic education pedagogical issues y consolidara su desconfianza hacia academicos ycientíficos expertos.

Opposing critical theory of race and bureaucratic elites, DeSantis was a believer in a high-level academic and conservative activist movement in Florida, particularly at Hillsdale College in Michigan and the Claremont Institute in California.

But in retirement, DeSantis, including a panel from Claremont, said he would “define the ‘regime' that we illegally govern” and outlined a strategy “to allow states to have more regime autonomy.” woke up “As the Library of United States Interests,” followed by electronic planning files obtained from the Times.

At a Florida press conference focused on scrapping diversity programs, a couple of pundits — who discussed in a 2021 discourse that feminism brought women “more drugs, entrometries, and attachments” — dubbed DeSantis the “Order.” states “Investigations into civil rights abuses at all universities and the fact that women cavort among the ranks of men” have found that they have found “an element inconsistent with men's curriculum”.

In Florida, DeSantis made a complete compromise before maintaining the cathedral's liberty. Incluso al pedir que se desmantele the ortodoxia woke up, another reason, with a radical ban on identity politics in the compulsory classes of Florida public schools and universities. Dubbed “father refusal,” the policy respected by DeSantis has given Florida conservatives a veto on the books and planes favored by their more liberal Vecinos.

A persona drafted by DeSantis, activist and conservative Chris Rufo, argued that “the goal of the university is not in liberty.” In the courts, DeSantis officials believed that the concept of church liberty could not be applied to public university maestros because it was mere “gubernatorial discourse” that officials could voluntarily control.

Nicholas Confessore is a New York-based political and investigative reporter and Editor-in-Chief of Times Magazine; At the crossroads of Mexico, the country and influence in Washington and beyond. It appeared in The Times in 2004. @nickconfessoreFacebook

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