Ted Cruz is angry. Merrick Garland did exactly what he asked for in the Hunter Biden case

Republicans waver who they want to investigate Hunter Biden against.

Senator Ted Cruz met with several other Republicans last September wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland They are calling for US Attorney David Weiss to be given “special legal protections and powers to conduct the Hunter Biden investigation.” But after Garland appointed Weiss as a special counsel for the investigation, Cruz claims that Weiss is a “completely inappropriate” choice.

Cruz claimed that Weiss was “a US attorney handpicked to lead this investigation who has spent the last five years covering it up,” but forgot to mention that he was one of the senators involved were involved in his personal selection.

“Either David Weiss was actively involved in the cover-up of this crime and protected Joe Biden in obstructing justice — that's option one — or option two: he wasn't the driver, he was just an accomplice,” Cruz said on Fox News' Sunday morning futures. “He was so weak that he couldn't stop the Supreme Court partisans from turning it into a political effort to protect Joe Biden. In any case, he is completely unsuitable for the function of a special counsel.”

Cruz also called for the impeachment of not only Joe Biden, but also Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. During an appearance on Fox Hanny He said that last week The president should “go to jail and…sharing a cell with Hunter for corrupting the United States government.”

Cruz isn't the only one beating up Weiss. Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn – who also signed the letter requesting Weiss' appointment as special counsel – accused the attorney of being a “collaborator” with the Bidens.

“I think everyone knows that David Weiss is not a prosecutor, he's not a special counsel, he's a collaborator,” Blackburn said during a news conference Sunday morning futures Look. “The sweetheart deal he hatched for Hunter Biden, now they're going to sweetheart him with the special counsel and cut time. The American people can see through this and know what is going on. And Merrick Garland, he owes the American people better than to do that.”

Weiss arranged a deal with Biden in June for the president's son to plead guilty to two federal tax-related offenses, but Biden opted out of the deal in July, choosing instead to plead not guilty.

Donald Trump also railed against Weiss this summer as part of the “corrupt Biden DOJ,” but failed to mention that he was the president who nominated him to be a US attorney in 2017.

“Wow! Biden's corrupt DOJ just cleared hundreds of years of criminal liability by simply issuing Hunter Biden a ‘ticket'. Our system is BROKEN!” Trump wrote on Truth Social in June.

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