The Women’s World Cup final draws record viewing figures in Spain and England

The final of the 2023 Women's World Cup drew record-breaking televised numbers in women's football and capped off a tournament that also attracted record crowds to the stadiums.

Spain beat England 1-0 in Sunday's final in Sydney, and record numbers were seen in both countries. Here are some of the TV and viewership figures released so far for the tournament co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand:


* The BBC announced a peak viewership of 12 million viewers on BBC One, up from the men's Wimbledon final in July, which peaked at 11.3 million viewers.

* The World Cup final was also broadcast by ITV, with the total peak hitting 14.4 million reported on Sunday, according to ratings compiler Barb.

*This is a record crowd in the UK for a Women's World Cup final.

*The record for a women's game in the UK still stands at a peak of 17.4 million from the EURO 2022 final, which England won.

* In Spain, 5.6 million watched the final and peaked at 7.4 million viewers. According to data released by Barlovento Comunicacion, 56.2 percent of Spanish television audiences were male.

*The screen share in Spain was 65.7 percent at the final and peaked at 71.1 percent.

*This is the highest TV viewership ever for a women's football game in Spain.

TV viewers in Australia

* In Australia, the final peaked at 5.54 million viewers.

* Australia's semi-final defeat by England averaged 7.2 million TV viewership on Channel Seven, peaking at 11.15 million. These are the highest numbers the research firm OzTAM has ever recorded since its inception in 2001.


* TV numbers are expected to break previous records at the Women's World Cup. According to a FIFA survey, 1.12 billion people worldwide tuned in to watch the tournament in 2019.

* For the 2023 edition, FIFA women's football chief Sarai Brennan said before the start of the tournament that the tournament is expected to reach an audience of over 2 billion viewers.

* China recorded the highest TV viewership for a single game at this year's World Cup: 53.9 million viewers watched the defeat by England.

* The 2019 Women's World Cup final had an average TV audience of 82.18 million.

* The 2022 Men's World Cup final reached nearly 1.5 billion viewers worldwide.

record crowds

* Total stadium attendance for the 2023 tournament was over 1.9 million fans. The previous record was 1.35 million, set at the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada.

* The average viewership in Australia and New Zealand was 30,911. This surpassed the previous record set in 2015, when the average was 26,000 per game.

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