Former President Donald Trump has again suggested that Prince Harry could potentially be deported from the US if he is found to have lied about his drug use on his visa documents if he is re-elected president.

In an interview with GB News’ Nigel Farage, broadcast on Sky News on Wednesday morning, Farage asked Trump whether Prince Harry should have “special privileges” if he is found to have lied on his visa application – given the royal’s immigration status has found himself in a difficult legal situation after admitting to using illegal drugs in his memoirs.

“NO. “We need to see if they know anything about the drugs, and if he lied, they need to take appropriate action,” Trump is quoted as saying in a preview of the interview New York Post Reports.

When asked whether “appropriate action” could mean deportation, Trump did not give a clear answer.

“Oh, I don’t know. You have to tell me. You just have to tell me. “You would have thought they knew this a long time ago,” the former president said.

In Prince Harry’s autobiography spare part, He wrote about past drug use, including cocaine, cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms, which would be a reason his application for an American visa would be rejected.

Trump, 77, has previously commented on the Duke of Sussex’s immigration status and warned that Prince Harry would be “on his own” if re-elected in 2024 following his “unforgivable” betrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

Speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon. Hill, Maryland, last month criticized President Biden’s administration for being “too merciful” to the Sussexes since Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle moved to California in 2020.

“I wouldn’t protect him. He betrayed the queen. This is unforgivable. He would be on his own if I had my way,” the former president told the newspaper Expressas he claimed that Biden’s administration had given special privileges to the immigrant.

When asked about Biden’s treatment of the Sussexes, Trump criticized the president’s policies, stating, “I think they were too kind to him after what he did.”

His comments came after Prince Harry’s immigration status became the focus of a lawsuit by the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, which argued that the 39-year-old royal could not have entered the United States legally because of his memoirs about using illegal drugs wrote.

In Spare partHarry wrote that he used cocaine, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms when he was younger, noting that the cocaine “did nothing for me,” but “marijuana is different, that really helped me.”

The Heritage Foundation’s lawsuit argues that U.S. law “fundamentally bars such an individual from entry into the country.” However, Department of Homeland Security lawyers argued in court that the statement in a book was not “sworn testimony or evidence.”

The lawyers argued that Prince Harry’s report may have been embellished with the statement “selling books,” pointing out that “saying something in a book does not necessarily make it true.”

Trump’s full interview with Farage will air on Sky News Australia at 8.30pm AEDT on Wednesday evening.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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