Newswise – Digital Science is pleased to announce the launch of AI-driven summarization in Dimensionsa new feature that supports the user in their discovery process for publications, grants, patents and clinical trials.

Dimensions, the world’s largest collection of linked research data, continues to advance the development of AI-related functionalities used to sustainably support users and their research. Digital Science today announces that it has integrated AI-driven summarization capabilities into the Dimensions web application to enable all users to more quickly identify the most relevant content to their research questions. Available with just one click for each record in a specific search results list, the short, concise summaries quickly provide the user with AI-generated insights to help them discover more.

Today’s announcement follows Last week’s release of Dimensions Research GPT and Dimensions Research GPT Pursue on the OpenAI ChatGPT platform. While the Dimensions GPT products are only available to ChatGPT customers, the new Dimensions summary feature is immediately available for all Dimensions versions – even the free web app.

Originally launched in beta in August 2023 as an AI assistant, the Dimensions team leveraged feedback from members of the research community – including academic institutions, industry, publishers, government and funders – to develop an updated, fully integrated summarization feature in Dimensions Web app.

The summary tool is this Latest in a series of AI-driven innovations from the Dimensions team to complement the launch of Dimensions Research GPT on February 28th. Their approach to the responsible development of AI tools aims to harness the power of AI, based on scientific knowledge gained from academic careers.

Among the biggest challenges facing researchers and industry worldwide is the difficulty of wading through the sheer volume of content available – Dimensions shows that over seven million articles, patents and grants were published in 2023 alone – as well as the time required to understand what they mean for a specific research project. With document-level summarization, an AI-generated summary can be instantly created for each of these publications to provide immediate insight into what is most relevant to a user’s research area.

CEO of Digital Science Daniel Hook said: “The introduction of publication summaries in Dimensions represents Digital Science’s broader commitment to innovation that comes with the responsible development of AI tools.

“Dimensions’ new summarization feature provides all users – whether they are customers of our expanded platform or accessed through our free web app – an effective way to identify and quickly assess the relevance of research publications. We believe this new capability is an important new step in harnessing the capabilities of AI in a way that not only gives all researchers equal access to the latest technologies, but also continues to put people at the center of the research experience. This release introduces AI as a tool to enhance a user’s capabilities on the Dimensions platform in a fully integrated way – but just one step of many in the future.”

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As part of Digital Science, Dimensions is the largest connected research database and data infrastructure provider, redefining research discovery with access to grants, publications, clinical trials, patents and policy documents in one place. Follow @DSDimensions on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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