The Princess of Wales’ manipulated family photo has been the subject of intense scrutiny and speculation in the UK since it was posted on the Princess’s Instagram account on Mother’s Day.

The photo was intended to quell speculation about it Kate’s Health as she spent a short time in hospital in January Abdominal surgeryshortly after her 42nd birthday.

The princess has been since then filmed smiling and looking happy while out shopping with her husband Prince William, but The Sun’s footage came after the doctored image sparked far-fetched conspiracy theories – not just here but around the world United States as well as.

To update:
Image of the late queen has been “digitally enhanced at source”

Sky News analysis shows that the number of mentions of “Kate Middleton” on Facebook and Instagram was around 2,600 in the US the day before the photo was published (March 9). The day after her photo was posted, March 11, there were more than 128,000 mentions.

Celebrities posted about the royals, and the impact was felt even in the White House.

This is how history was talked about on the other side of the pond.

Sky News US correspondent James Matthews says:

“It is extraordinary. Unusual.”

“In the United States, ‘KateGate’ is a powerful drug for the influencer generation, featured in ‘EMERGENCY EPISODES!!’ trips over himself. by Nudge Wink YouTube specials about what happened, where she is and I wonder what Meghan Markle has to say about it.

“In a country that loves conspiracy theories, like and subscribe to the conspiracy theory where Kate rides Shergar, chases Lord Lucan through the forests of Narnia, etc. etc.

“It’s okay to use Photoshop now.”

“‘There’s a non-zero chance that she died 18 months ago,’ comedian John Oliver joked on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

“‘Where’s Kate?’ is the question on this side of the Atlantic – all the talk, on screen and in the street.

“Being British in the country’s capital, Washington DC, means having a huge responsibility for the whole thing.

“The Americans demand from us insider information – as if we were several episodes ahead in this soap opera.

“Last week a neighbor stopped me from asking, as did a colleague of a US journalist who I happened to see brushing his teeth in the hallway.

“A sip of toothpaste couldn’t hide the disappointment at my “I couldn’t tell you.”

“In fact, call me a journalist.”

Kim K’s Finding Kate post

Kim Kardashian is never slow to a trend.

The reality TV star and businesswoman appeared to reference the royal in an Instagram photo of her own.

“I’m on my way to find Kate,” the 43-year-old wrote in the caption of nine pictures in which she is wearing the same outfit – but in different poses.

Well-known US star Blake Lively She also seemed to make light of the situation, posting an Instagram photo showing her head on another woman’s body.

The actress, who was promoting new drinks from her company Betty Buzz, began the caption by saying, “I’m so excited to share this new photo I just took today of our 4 new @bettybuzz and @bettybooze products to announce!”

“Now you know why I was missing [missing in action].”

The post – a nod to the royal situation – received mixed reactions in the comments, as did Kardashian’s, with some suggesting the couple was “mocking” the royal family while they were unwell.

Talk show discussions

A number of US talk shows have also set up their own segments in their programs in which the royals are discussed.

On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the host ended a monologue by showing a much more obviously doctored photo of the Princess of Wales and saying, “To end the scandal, the palace released the original photo of Kate skateboarding. “about a tiger.”

Similarly, the satirical news program “The Daily Show” published a six-minute segment about the situation in which comedian and “senior correspondent” Michael Kosta said, “I didn’t even know Kate Middleton was on leave, and neither did I.” “You took care of it, but then you.” publish a photo that is edited in such a way that they have to issue a kill order? Well, now I’m all in.”

In one of the segment’s tamer remarks, he added: “You didn’t have to do a forensic analysis to know the photo was fake… There are three kids smiling at the same time. As a parent, I know this is impossible.”

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The View host Whoopi Goldberg took a more serious approach, saying the conspiracy theories following the photo were not kind.

“If you get involved in this stuff, if they start doing it to your family or your kids, it’s not cute,” she said. “That’s not fun. It really irritates me.”

She admitted that she was speculating, but then commented on why she believed the princess had edited the image.

She said: “I think Kate took a photo and said, ‘Oh, his lips look wrong, her bum looks wrong, that looks wrong, let me fix it.’

“I believe she took the photo and passed it on [the palace] because she wanted to take responsibility for the story being published.

Two of Goldberg’s co-hosts, Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin, said the princess could “solve” the problem by posting a video in which she speaks to the camera and tells viewers, “I’m fine.”

“Now you have a princess, a queen, who has never been seen before. She could solve the problem, the palace could solve this in two minutes by putting her right in front of the camera,” Griffin said.

The White House is being dragged into this – twice

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared puzzled when asked last week whether photos of President Joe Biden were ever altered before being sent.

Other journalists laughed at the question as Ms Jean-Pierre replied: “Digitally altered? Not that I know. I would say no.”

“Why should we digitally alter the photos? Are you talking about… Are you comparing us to what’s going on in the UK?”

She laughed when the reporter said he would “do his due diligence” and asked rhetorically why the king had “anything to do with us” before adding: “No, that’s not something we do here.” “

A day later, when asked whether President Biden had received any information about the princess’s health, Ms. Jean-Pierre replied: “I have not spoken to the president about Kate Middleton.”

“She asked for privacy. Her family has asked for privacy and we will definitely respect that.”

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White House questioned over princess photo


The internet is always abuzz with conspiracies and speculation, and the Princess of Wales’ health is one of the hottest topics.

The royals, as well as celebrities and politicians, are regularly embroiled in conspiracy theories on social platforms, but when leading news outlets took the plunge Issuance of a homicide report In the altered Mother’s Day photo, it captured the imagination of theorists like never before.

Theories range from the seriously concerning to the most bizarre – such as an idea that suggests she is actually out of action due to her appearance on The Masked Singer.

Some people talk about the photo she was in seen leaving Windsor with Prince William in the back of the car.

Only the back of the Princess of Wales’s head is visible in the photo, but that was enough for conspiracy theorists to believe that an old image of the Queen was superimposed.

But as Sky News royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills put it, “this isn’t just about rogue conspiracy theories”.

“It must be taken seriously when there are questions about trust and transparency,” She wrote.

She adds: “Of course some will argue that the changes were probably minor and what’s wrong with that?”

“But it does mean that any images they release now will receive even greater spotlight and scrutiny – and not just the usual excitement that usually accompanies any new release from Kensington Palace.”

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