The father who filmed Kate Middleton visiting a local farm shop with Prince William this week criticized the “delusional” internet trolls who have cast doubt on the video and continue to spread conspiracy theories about the Princess of Wales’ health.

“What more do you need to fire her? I thought after the release they would be silent. But these people are so invested in the drama now,” said Nelson Silva, 40, said The Sun Tuesday, a day after the now-viral footage was released.

Silva, 40, said he was unaware of the ongoing rumors surrounding Middleton’s health – and the status of her whereabouts – when he met her at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday afternoon.

The video, which shows the smiling queen walking briskly alongside her husband, should have put to rest wild speculation that Middleton was in a coma, Silva said.

Instead, the low-quality video only fueled the flames of the firestorm – leading to new conspiracies that the video was several months old or that the woman was a stunt double for Kate.

“I’m not so much shocked that these comments continue, I’m just confused as to how exactly they can continue,” Silva, an engineer, told the outlet from his home in Windsor.

“This is a video that clearly shows her and William. I saw them with my own eyes. It was a completely relaxed situation.”

The father-of-one said he was spending the weekend at the local store when he noticed the prince and princess browsing the bread and meat section.

The two were “talking to the staff and laughing,” Silva said, adding that they “just looked really happy and relaxed together.”

They strolled across the parking lot to the back of the fields, where Silva believes they walked the 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometers) back to their Windsor property.

Nelson Silva claimed he was unaware of the Kate Middleton firestorm as he filmed her shopping over the weekend. News Licensing / MEGA

Silva filmed the couple for a few seconds and turned off the camera before William could notice – Middleton’s husband is reportedly angry about his wife’s treatment in the press.

“William was obviously protective of Kate and I quickly stopped recording because I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable,” he said.

Silva claimed he only picked up the video to share with his family in Portugal, unaware of the rampant gossip surrounding Middleton – adding to accusations from online trolls that he was involved in making a fake video made more ridiculous, he said.

Public interest in the princess’s health exploded earlier this month when she posted a heavily doctored image of herself and her children on Britain’s Mother’s Day. Prince of Wales/Kensington Palac/MEGA

“Now are they going to ask if I’m a real person too? Will they say I made this video? Did I put the wrong Kate there? It’s ridiculous,” Silva said.

“At what point are they going to back down and realize they’re involved in something crazy?”

Follow The Post’s live updates for the latest news about Kate Middleton, Princess of Walesas rumors swirl about her whereabouts following the botched family photo controversy and her abdominal surgery.

Silva suspected that internet celebrities and influencers have taken the conspiracies to the point where they have no way of backing down – even in the face of his video footage showing the Princess of Wales looking “fine”.

“Even famous people are guilty. People with a big online platform now can’t admit they’re wrong because they seem so delusional,” he said.

The father expressed his condolences for Middleton and said he only released the video of the “happy” couple to The Sun for publication on Monday to suppress rumors.

Prince William is reportedly angry about his wife’s treatment in the press. Getty Images

“This is a mother who has had surgery and she should not be talked about in that way.

“The people who say nasty things and jump on the bandwagon, I think they just want to get likes. It’s very sad. I’ve had surgeries and I know what recovery is like,” Silva said.

To online conspiracy theorists, Silva said: “Get a hobby. Do something better with your day than that.”

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The video is part of a trio of paparazzi images that have captured Middleton outside the palace or hospital since her abdominal surgery in January.

Like the footage, the two images are grainy and shaded, leading to a closer look at the king’s surroundings.

Public interest in the princess’s health exploded earlier this month when she posted a heavily doctored image of herself and her children on Britain’s Mother’s Day.

Middleton disappeared from the public eye after Christmas and underwent abdominal surgery in January. Getty Images

Several news outlets immediately retracted the photo, stating that this was the case comprehensively “manipulated”.

A Palace insider later told The Post that Silva’s video of Middleton’s latest sighting “should hopefully be enough to put an end to outside noise about her recovery.”

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